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Milford-Holland Rescue Squad was established in 1936 and we are celebrating over 75 years of serving the community.

The beginning of rescue service dates back to January of 1936 when the Milford Fire Company voted to organize classes in first aid and that all "comrades" would be required to pass an examination. Merle Fitz, Clarence Friling and Carol Day were appointed as a First Aid Committee and charged with organizing classes. Upper Black Eddy physician Dr. Hudock lectured the firemen on the basics of first aid, beginning in February 1935. Some members, who believed that waiting for the nearest ambulance to arrive from Flemington was too long, included John DeMille Alonzo Sinclair Ralph Stoudt, J. G. Case, Samuel Trostle Earl Harrison and Otis Pimm. A vote on October 2, 1936 to purchase an ambulance resulted in the arrival of an Oldsmoble/Henney unit in January 1937. To meet the purchase price of $2045.00, the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Reserve called on citizens of the valley and sold tags. Businesses and residences were solicited and the Fire Company raised money through its annual Carnival and MInstrel Show. A charge of 10 cents per mile was instituted to pay for upkeep. This was later doubled and eventually dropped in January 1954.

During 1955 the Fire Company joined the 10th District of the New Jersey First Aid Council. First year delegates were Frank Aller, Jim Corrigan, Sr., and Fred Buck.

Radio communications were first used in the MIlford ambulance when a two way radio was installed in 1956.

The Fire Company continued, over the years, a policy of updating and purchasing new equipment while staying abreast of the latest available first aid techniques. The purchase of a ' 71 Chevy Suburban Zephyr ambulance in 1970 marked the start of serving the area with two ambulances.

Milford was the first company in the county to own the Hurst Tool, or " Jaws of Life", which purchased in 1975. This tool greatly enhanced rescue operations at auto accidents.

Having continually replaced ambulances as needed, the Fire Company purchased its tenth and last in 1975. A 1976 Chevy/Horton Modular, it represented the latest concepts in ambulance manufacture.

In order to increase the ranks of the volunteers, a decision was made in 1977 to write a separate charter for the rescue squad. Members now had the option of belonging to either the Fire Company,  the Rescue Squad or both. Finances and officers were separate but both organizations were housed under one roof. The Milford Fire Company Rescue Squad held its first meeting and elected officers in January 1978. The name was changed to Milford Rescue Squad in 1979, and again in 1980 to the MIlford-Holland Rescue Squad.

In 1982 a new service was added and available to any rescue squad within 60 miles of Allentown PA , a Medavac Helicopter, which transported seriously injured patients to the Lehigh Valley Hospital Trauma Center. The rapid transport increased chances of survivability due to Trauma Surgeons on call 24/7, 365 days of the year. Medavac Helicopters are still integral part of trauma care today and are available from numerous Trauma Centers around NJ and PA.

Another Service added in the late 80s were Advanced Life Support Units operated out of Hunterdon Medical Center. The addition of Paramedics was very helpful in caring for critically injured and critically ill patients. Today HMC has 4 ALS units operating in Hunterdon County and Warren County.

Throughout the 1990's and up to 2014 we continued serving the communities of Milford Borough, Holland Township, Alexandria Township. 2014 saw the addition of Frenchtown Borough to our service area and we are proud to continues to serve all those communities today. We look forward to continuing serving our communities in their time of need.